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Safe4 Security Group is an international smart technology corporation, building on its expertise from the security industry.

Safe4 is a supplier of security and IoT solutions for medium and large companies, both in Scandinavia and internationally. We operate within industries like Telecom, Energy, Safety, Broadband/Cabel-TV, IoT, Rental and Insurance, in addition to local security providers.

We offer solutions that combine traditional and innovative new services for white label customers:

  • Advanced IoT gateway (HomeGate AiO) that supports multiple open wireless protocols.
  • Supporting devices and sensors from large and industrial providers: Develco, Yale, IKEA, Elko, EasyAccess, FireAngel, Climax Technologies, Schneider and more.
  • Services for customers within smart living, smart homes and security.
  • Our IoT platform enables use of data from multiple sources and integrations for services, applications and Big Data analytics while protecting the integrity of the end-users.